Tuesday, 3 April 2012

The work and process that comes with making a fashion show...

Trailer for "Material Success" staring Bruno Ierullo, Susana Benavides and more. Directed by Jesse Mann.

Since my main focus for this SIG is the production and business of the fashion industry, I thought for one of my first entries I would review "Material Success" I saw Thursday March 29th as part of the Canadian Film Festival. Directed by Jesse Mann, the film follows designer Bruno Ierullo (who I have had the pleasure of modeling for) as he prepares for his fashion show back in 2009. Ronnie Tremblay, makeup artist and friend, was lovely enough to accompany me to this screening especially so last minute.
It was a great insight on the production and work that goes into making a show. You see every detail that is put into the making of the garments, organising the venues and rehearsal space, the casting of models, organising models, the hard task of picking or rejecting said models, coaching the models, the late hours, the last minute items, the disagreements and most importantly the final moment when everything comes together and see why Bruno does what he does. It was a great film and really gave me an insight more into the fashion industry. I've mostly seen the modeling side but I have been a part of the production process too, only a small segment though. I am inspired now to work more on production and the process for shows and shoots. It was a real eye opener, inspiring and a lot of fun to watch. The best part is it didn't feel staged, it was very real which Ronnie noted too. No one seemed to be playing up to the camera at all. It almost seemed as if you were there with them running around trying to bring this show together. I do have to admit though, the biggest break out star from the movie would have to be "Nana" Ierullo, such a character! I highly recommend giving this movie a look, especially to the designers and aspiring designers. You can find out more information at their website http://www.materialsuccess.ca/. Check out the trailer above and leave any comments or feedback!

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